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                                                            GENERAL MERCHANDISE                                                            

Full refunds will be made for merchandise within 5 business days of the purchase accompanied by
the original cash register receipt. Merchandise must be returned in new condition with all tags and


Refunds /exchanges will be made during the add/drop period of the current semester under the
following conditions:

1. Proof of purchase is available in the form of the original cash register receipt. Credit card receipts
or canceled checks
do not constitute proof of purchase because they do not identify the item purchased.

2. Books sold wrapped in plastic and displaying the "No Return if unwrapped" label must still be in
the original wrap to receive a full refund.

3. New books must be in new condition- free of markings, stains, or damage to binding.

4. New books that are unwrapped, damaged, or marked may receive partial refund equal to the used
book price if the book will be used in subsequent semesters and can be resold as a used book.

5. Full refunds/exchanges will be made for books returned due to classes canceled by the college if
returned within five days of the class cancellation.

                                             NONREFUNDABLE ITEMS                                             
No refund will be made for special order items, review books, study guides, general interest
books, or software.